Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Project Life 2013 - A New Approach

I'm taking a decidedly different approach to Project Life this year. Last year, I was quite concerned about creating an album with marked continuity. I fretted about using my handwriting (so I didn't) and I fretted about making it perfect (which I also didn't). I love the end result but I looked ahead over the year to come and figured that with work travel, house buying and wedding planning, it was time to simplify. 

I developed a few guidelines for tackling this year:
  • Use a kit. I spent a lot of time last year looking for product, downloading freebies, printing out things I didn’t like and generally chewing through both time and resources.
  • Hand write my journaling. I loved being able to print journaling out but it added a lot of time to the process, especially as I haven’t quite mastered the art of printing two 3x4 neatly onto a single 6x4 piece of cardstock and then trimming them accurately. And yes, I am embarrassed to admit this!
  • Use what’s at hand. No more waiting to put together a layout till I’ve found that one perfect whatever-it-is. That includes memories and photos.
  • Batch process my photo printing. I’m not sure how this is going to work for me because I love seeing my layout come together every week, but I’m trying it anyway. I sent off my first order to SnapFish last night.
  • No guilt. I’m not starting my album till the third week of January because we were overseas for the first two weeks. I’m okay with that. The holiday photos are too many and I’ve already added my journaling in their metadata. 
I scoured Becky’s blog to choose a kit I could work with. It didn’t take long – the Olive edition was a fairly clear winner. I fell in love with the Rain edition the moment I saw it in the new catalogue but didn’t want to wait to get started, so I may complete the second half of the year using that kit. We’ll see.
I ordered the binder with the kit, sight unseen as it hadn’t yet arrived in the store. No matter; I figure I loved the design of the kit, I’d probably love the binder too.
In keeping with my theme of simplification, I decided to use the kit cards for the first page. This was a bonus and something I hadn’t planned on doing but I loved the way the design came together. I added some Thickers with our initials and the years, slipped the cards in the pockets and called it done. I do wish I’d had a contrasting colour (orange) available in the Thickers but I didn’t so I went with what I had.

The next page is a summary of our life at the start of the year. Using my handwriting for the first time was hard. I was afraid of messing up the beautiful cards and I was afraid the end result would be illegible. I showed the completed journaling to The Boy, who politely told me to stop being stupid, they looked fine, just put them in the page protector already. So I did.  The third page (which is really just the other half of the above layout) summarises our New Year’s Resolutions. I used 6x4 grid journaling cards to write them out. 

The organiser in me –how can I put this politely – freaked out a little at not having the photos ready to go while I was doing the rest of the layout. I marked the photos I wanted in their position with pieces of scrap paper but I’m really not sure I’m going to be able to embrace the batch processing of photos.

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